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Fabienne Gilles

Ceramicist, Montreuil, France
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A bowl is the union of space and emptiness. Its creation is born of the tireless repetition of gestures to unite those two planes of existence, to turn them into a unique object that will be forever linked to the person who has worked the clay with patience and energy.
Fabienne Gilles has a predilection for glazed earthenware. After fashioning an object in dark red clay, she dips it in white slip, giving the object a rich texture. Once the piece has dried, she then paints whimsical drawings in colorful slip, or scratches the surface to let the darker clay appear, giving the effect of a pencil drawing.

Her ceramics and sculptures are playful and spontaneous. Some of her themes are friendship, pets and food; her rosy-cheeked women are often depicted sharing a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a cuddle with a cat.

Fabienne is a co-founder of the Ceramic 11 Festival in Paris. When she is not showing her work at art fairs throughout France, she can be found at her atelier outside Paris.
  • One of a Kind

    Femme Rouge Bowl II

    Fabienne Gilles