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Julie Bergeron

Ceramicist, Pantin, France
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My sculptures start with a memory: a chestnut tree in a schoolyard, a charming cherry tree or a distant baobab inviting interpretation into an internal forest where each person can walk.
Julie Bergeron works in large volumes: she started with large curvy vases, then graduated to more freestyle forms, trying to find her artistic voice. It was the love of her native Quebec and the beautiful forests of her childhood that inspired her to go forward, passionately creating a collection of lifelike trees in their brut form, pots and plants sculpted in clay all inspired from the forests of her imagination.

The lines of her work with clay were also inspired by poetic graphic lines from her experience as a graphic artist. The work of Julie Bergeron oscillates between wood, the veins of a plant or the bark on a tree. The quest to create ceramic pieces that are one with nature culminates in an almost ambiguous similarity and dares for you to tell the difference between the two.

Winner of the Competition for Young Talents 2014, Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de Création
  • One of a Kind

    Arbre Vert

    Julie Bergeron

  • One of a Kind

    Grand Cactus Vert

    Julie Bergeron