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Karen Petit

Ceramicist, Saint-Étienne, France
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For me, it's not technical virtuosity that counts, but the beauty of matter and form that speak for themselves.
Karen Petit’s work explores form through simple, uncluttered shapes in clean, white porcelain. The material was an obvious choice for her, for its pliability, its delicacy, its whiteness, and its smooth texture.

She fires her work twice, first giving it a bisque firing, then a glaze firing. For some pieces, a final “gold” overglaze firing is used to accentuate a subtlety of detail or movement. She uses glaze only sparingly, as she prefers to let the fired clay “breathe for itself”.

Her production evokes the past but in a very contemporary language.
  • Large Luminescence Bud Vase

    Karen Petit

  • Luminescence Bud Vases Set

    Karen Petit

  • Smoky Mugs Set

    Karen Petit