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Maxime Perrolle

Wood Sculptor, Ivry-sur-Seine
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The touch and feel of wood is more than a passion for me, it’s an obsession.
Unfurling thin spirals of shavings as they fall from the lathe, awakening the perfume of the wood, discovering the irregularities of the dark and light rings, reading the imprint of time. These are the things that make Maxime Perrolle passionate about woodworking. His sculptures pay homage to the silent giants that are transformed by his capable hands.

Perrolle’s preferred primary material is salvaged wood. This is both an ethical and a conceptual choice. Finding pieces that have been knocked down by winds in a storm, or abandoned by lumberjacks, he chooses the wood for its character, for the story each piece has to tell. When he does go to a sawmill for a specific production, his supplier carefully selects the material and is sensitive to preserving biodiversity within his forest.

Perrolle plays with textures, curves and natural pigments. He enjoys working within the restrictions of the medium, and testing its limits: how supple, how light, how thin it can be before reaching the breaking point. Using traditional methods, he creates ultra-contemporary works that transcend the limits of time. As each piece of wood is unique, he feels the need to dedicate himself to creating only one-of-a-kind works which grow out of the individual piece.
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    Maxime Perrolle