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Natacha Heitz

Wood Sculptor, Molines-en-Queyras, France
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My work is the result of an intimate partnership with nature and the environment.
Natacha Heitz is a wood sculptor based in the Southern Alps. She works with a single wood species, the Arolla Pine, that she sources locally, in line with her sustainable practice. She is one of the very few female wood carvers, leveraging traditional tools and methods to develop her own approach to fired wood.

Her cRAKoUs are the product of years of experimentation and patience, an encounter between wood, giving shape, and fire, creating texture. The astonishing crackled surface of Natacha Heitz’ pieces is evocative of the Japanese raku pottery used in traditional tea ceremonies.   Her artwork, like the ceremony, is more than the object, it is the process of artistic creation characterized by harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

Natacha Heitz’ quest for the beautiful is a way to reconnect with the world, through the emotional catharsis of her singular pieces.

  • Parasélène Blanc

    Natacha Heitz

  • Parasélène Rouge

    Natacha Heitz