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Designer & Manufacturer of Seaworthy Model Boats, Romagne, France
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  • Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is an official certification recognizing living heritage companies for rare craftsmanship based on rigorous qualification criteria.

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Here, there are no digital machines. We use the same wood turner and go through the same steps in making our boats as my grandfather did 70 years ago.
Tirot has been designing and manufacturing seaworthy model boats in Brittany, France since 1946. The family business run by Nicolas Tirot was handed down from his grandfather, Francis, who made wooden shoes. One summer, Francis had the brilliant idea of transforming a wooden shoe into a boat hull; his wife, a seamstress, made a sail, and the rest is history.

Generations of French children have played with these famous sailboats, most notably in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Children set their boats afloat in the Grand Bassin duck pond, and with a gentle push of a baton, some wind and a bit of luck, their boats will zig-zag their way to the other side as the children run to greet them and launch them again.
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