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Valérie Le Roux

Ceramicist, Concarneau, France
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How does one find a personal style? Through hard work and soul-searching.
Valérie Le Roux finds inspiration for her boldly graphic ceramic designs on the shores of her native Concarneau, along the southern coast of Brittany.
Blue, red, orange, grey…her palette is bright and gay. In a few strokes, she brings us with her to the seaside. Mackerel heads pop out to wink at us, numbers are caught from a sail flapping in the wind, kelp sways gently in the tide. We can almost smell the salty sea breeze.

Her strong, clean lines, somewhat reminiscent of Matisse, yet distinctively her own, adorn everyday objects. Ceramic plates, bottles, cups and bowls to brighten a table or a kitchen corner. Her vibrant style has caught the eye of many hotel or restaurant owners. Her earthenware pieces are handmade from beginning to end: turned on a potter’s wheel and painted individually.
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    Kitchen Towels Set of 3 (Teal)

    Valérie Le Roux

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